Unseen Depths Theme Deck

Unseen Depths Theme Deck

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 Dive Deep and Strike from Below!

Call the swirling waves with Kyogre, a Legendary Pokémon of the ocean. Use Empoleon's powerful Recall to strike from the sea, and spin opponents around with Phione's Whirlpool Suction. Command the surf and roll on to victory with the Unseen Depths theme deck!

Each code redeems the following theme deck on Pokémon TCG Online:

3 Piplup (COE)

3 Prinplup (COE)

2 Empoleon (COE)

2 Kyogre (COE)

3 Psyduck (COE)

2 Golduck (COE)

3 Aipom (COE)

2 Ambipom (COE)

2 Pyukumuku (UNB)

1 Phione (COE)

2 Cynthia

2 Hau

2 Lillie

2 Pokémon Communication

2 Pokémon Fan Club

2 Roller Skater

2 Switch

2 Tate & Liza

1 Viridian Forest


18 Water Energy

2 Draw Energy













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