Team Skull Pin Collection Code

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Each code redeems the following product(s) on Pokémon TCG Online:

1x Salazzle GX (Promo SM63)

1x Golisopod GX (Promo SM62)

1x Salandit (GRI 15 Holo Promo)

1x Wimpod (GRI 8 Holo Promo)


NOTE: This code does not redeem booster packs. 


The nasty crew of Team Skull brings poisonous heat with Salazzle-GX and double-tough cross cuts with Golisopod-GX! You get both as never-before-seen foil promo cards, plus two foil cards featuring Salandit and Wimpod, and an awesome Team Skull logo pin. Get ready for street battles with some sick beatdowns, yo—time to go all-out, Team Skull style!

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