Roaring Heat Theme Deck

Roaring Heat Theme Deck

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Your Adventure in a New Region Starts Now!

Explode with the fiery power of Incineroar! Add fuel to the fire with a fast-burning, fast-punching team built of pure power and aggression. Throw it all into the fight with the Roaring Heat theme deck!

Each code redeems the following theme deck on Pokémon TCG Online:

4 Litten (SUM)

3 Torracat (SUM)

2 Incineroar (SUM)

2 Torkoal (SUM)

2 Sandygast (SUM)

1 Palossand (SUM)

2 Roggenrola (SUM)

2 Boldore (SUM)

2 Passimian (SUM)

2 Makuhita (SUM)

2 Crabrawler (SUM)

1 Oranguru (SUM)

2 Stufful (SUM)

1 Bewear (SUM)

1 Big Malasada

1 Energy Retrieval

1 Lillie

2 Nest Ball

1 Potion

1 Professor Kukui

2 Hau

2 Timer Ball

1 Ultra Ball






11 Fire Energy

9 Fighting Energy

















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