Pikachu Power Theme Deck

Pikachu Power Theme Deck

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Everyone's Favorite Dynamo!
Charge up your game with the little thunderbolt that never gives up: Pikachu! Add the electrifying power of Raichu and the supercharged voltage of Electabuzz, and you'll have a potent team against any foe!

Each code redeems the following 60-card theme deck on Pokémon TCG Online:

 3 Pikachu EVO

2 Raichu EVO

2 Doduo EVO

3 Caterpie EVO

2 Metapod EVO

2 Tangela EVO

3 Weedle EVO

2 Kakuna EVO

2 Beedrill EVO

2 Electabuzz EVO

3 Magnemite EVO

1 Magneton EVO

2 Voltorb EVO

1 Energy Retrieval

1 Evosoda

1 Poké Ball

1 Pokémon Center Lady

1 Pokémon Fan Club

1 Professor Oak's Hint

2 Professor's Letter

1 Revive

1 Switch

2 Tierno




9 Grass Energy

9 Lightning Energy













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