Mach Strike Theme Deck Code

Mach Strike Theme Deck Code

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Strike Fast and Strike True!

A Dragon-type Pokémon knows that how you begin a battle determines how you end it—so call on Garchomp and Lucario, and go for the big attack with powerful hits at top speed! The Mach Strike theme deck pulls no punches!

Each code redeems the following theme deck on Pokémon TCG Online:

3 Gible (UPR)

2 Gabite (UPR)

2 Garchomp (UPR)

3 Riolu (UPR)

1 Lucario (UPR)

2 Hippopotas (UPR)

1 Hippowdon (UPR)

3 Yungoos (UPR)

2 Gumshoos (UPR)

2 Solrock (UPR)

2 Spiritomb (UPR)

1 Type: Null (UPR)



2 Cynthia

1 Big Malasada

1 Escape Board

1 Escape Rope

2 Hau

1 Looker

2 Nest Ball

1 Pal Pad

2 Professor Kukui

1 Rescue Stretcher

2 Timer Ball




 20 Fighting Energy














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