Let's Play Eevee Theme Deck Code

Let's Play Eevee Theme Deck Code

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Each code redeems the following theme deck on Pokémon TCG Online:

4 Eevee (UPR 104)

2 Flareon (Promo SM186)

3 Charmander (DRM)

2 Charmeleon (DRM)

2 Charizard (DRM)

3 Pansear (BUS)

2 Simisear (BUS)

2 Kangaskhan (DRM)

2 Lickitung (UPR)

2 Moltres (LOT)


22 Fire Energy

1 Cynthia

2 Great Ball

4 Hau

1 Pokémon Catcher

2 Pokémon Fan Club

1 Potion

1 Professor Kukui

2 Switch






Partner Up with Eevee!

Join forces with Eevee and friends to play the Pokémon Trading Card Game! This ready-to-play deck includes everything you need to pick up the basics of the game, from the very first card you draw to the last Prize card you take! Evolve Eevee into Flareon to boost your team's power, and fill up your Bench with fiery Pokémon like Charizard, Moltres, and more. A variety of useful Trainer cards helps round out your strategy.

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