Charizard Theme Deck Code

Charizard Theme Deck Code

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Each code redeems the following product(s) on Pokémon TCG Online:

3 Charmander (VIV)

3 Charmeleon (VIV)

2 Charizard (VIV)

3 Yanma (VIV)

2 Yanmega (VIV)

3 Slugma (VIV)

2 Magcargo (VIV)

2 Sudowoodo (SSH)

1 Lugia (DAA)


18 Fire Energy


2 Bede

2 Dan

1 Evolution Incense

2 Great Ball

4 Hop

2 Leon

2 Ordinary Rod

2 Professor's Research

2 Sonia

2 Switch




With a fiery inferno and unyielding claws, the magnificent Charizard sweeps aside opposition and takes the high ground! Champion Leon calls in strong allies—Yanmega darting in for quick attacks, and Magcargo to keep the fires burning. Seize the win from the air or burn a path to victory with the Charizard theme deck!

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