Sword & Shield: Rillaboom Theme Deck Code

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Each code redeems the following 60-card deck for the Pokémon Trading Card Game Online: 

2 Rillaboom

3 Thwackey

3 Grookey

2 Eldegoss

3 Gossifleur

2 Whimsicott

3 Cottonee

2 Maractus

2 Snorlax

4 Hop

4 Great Ball

1 Pokégear 3.0

1 Pokémon Center Lady

2 Potion

3 Professor’s Research

2 Switch

18 Grass Energy


Leaping into battle, Rillaboom gets charged up with the fast-growing power of Grass types! Pound down the opposition with its Drum Roll attack, review your Professor's Research to find new cards, and call on Eldegoss's Blessing of Fluff for more energy in the Rillaboom theme deck!